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Capacity Planning - Before Workload Balancer


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Hi there. Our company is new to Workfront and it will be quite a few months until we can accurately reflect all of our project timelines with correct planned hours in order to view capacity at the individual resource level. In the meantime, we'd like a way to view capacity for some of our teams who are constantly inundated with requests so their managers can have visibility into their team's workloads. Has anyone created a dashboard or report in workfront to help manage this as a "bandaid fix" until timelines and planned hour projections were more accurate? If so, how?

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I've been working with my friend @Doug_Den_Hoed__AtAppStore on some cool stuff for capacity reporting.

Inside Workfront we ask our managers to document the FTE that a team member will work on a project then use a fusion calculation to calculate planned hours.  Inside our project templates we default that FTE so we have a starting point if they don't modify.