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Total up all planned hours / planned revenue at Program or Portfolio level


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Hello all, 


I am aiming to calculate burn on our programs/portfolios in Workfront, but unsure if it's possible.


I've tried every way I can find online to reference the {actualWorkRequired}/{workRequired} within a calculated field at Program / Portfolio level, and this doesn't seem to work by prefixing each element with {portfolio} or similar. 


Is this possible? Or is there any other way I can surface the correct burn % in my view below at Portfolio & Program level. Currently it is an average or the Project Burn (Hours worked vs Planned) which isn't representative of the scale of projects underneath it and so is inaccurate when rolled up at the higher levels. A sum of the burn wouldn't be accurate either - the correct % value for the third grey sub total should be 17% when taking into account the actual number of hours.


Screenshot 2024-07-02 at 17.28.52.png

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Hi @Holly_Benjamin,


Getting accurate burn calculations at the Portfolio and Program level is beyond Workfront's native reporting capability, so I invite you to consider our AFA Burn List, Budget vs Actual Quarterly Burn, and/or Budget vs Actual solutions, then email me at doug.denhoed@atappstore.com if you'd like to discuss any of them in more detail.