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Can you duplicate tasks but keep them all as status "New"?


Level 5

Here's the use case: we have a project, and maybe it has 5-6 back and forths before we get it approved.

I am looking at the "Duplicate" option for tasks as a way to potentially help with this. That way, the users don't have to manually recreate the tasks, and we get good metrics on individual tasks rather than choking up one task whose hours are difficult to separate. (We don't log time in WF and have no plans to do so.)

However, if I duplicate completed tasks, the new tasks are ALSO complete. That means subsequent tasks are getting alerts saying the previous task has been completed....and it's a bit of a mess.

Are there settings I'm missing here? How do others use the Duplicate feature?


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Level 7

Hi Ryan,

Duplicate is really only designed to make a perfectly identical copy, with all settings remaining the same. If you want the functionality you're describing, the 'Copy' feature would work much better.

When the PM clicks 'Copy To' they're given the option to move the copy to another project if they want, but making a copy right on the same project is also possible (and the default). Navigate to the next screen, and you get the choice to clear progress and other task-specific settings. Custom forms remain attached, and you can choose to clear/not clear as needed for that use case.

Task can also be re-parented in the next screen if they need to move as well.