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Can I create a report with conditional formatting for custom calculated expression in text mode?


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Hello Fellow Workfronters,

Ok, bear with me, I hope one of you can follow along and help me with this.

Goal 1: Create a calculated express that shows me the percentage of planned hours that I have used up for a task.

  • I have succeeded in doing this in a Task Report by adding the following formula to my Task: Hours Variance column under Text Mode:
  • valueexpression=PROD((DIV({actualWorkRequired},{workRequired})),100)

Goal 2: Highlight the percentage of planned hours that I have used in Green if they are below 75, in Yellow if between 76 and 99, and Red if over 100.

  • I can not succeed in doing this as I need to switch to standard mode to set conditional rules and I lose the value expression (goal 1 above) that I set up in text mode.

I can not get these 2 goals to work together.

Help anyone?


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Hi - for Goal 1, this is the code I use

displayname=Percent Complete (Hours)




For Goal 2, I'm not sure if you can do formatting with a calculated expressions. You might want to look into calculated field on a task, but not sure how often that updates. So I'll leave this one up for someone more awesome than me 😉


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Hi Joe,

For Goal 2, one approach is to create custom data parameters that distill the desired color of the state of the data (e.g. to Red, Green, Yellow, etc.) and then in your custom formatting on the report, simply refer to those values to then apply the appropriate highlighting.

I dusted off this "Traffic? Terrific!" presentation I gave back in 2010, which goes into more detail, and hope it helps.