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Show # of records instead of "All" in a report in a dashboard


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Is there a way to default reports to say the number of records instead of "All" at the bottom? We have the report set to show up to 200 records (instead of the standard 15), and it is embedded in a dashboard. Right now whenever we log in the report just shows "All" and we have to click on that to show the number (see screenshot). Thanks for any insights on this!


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Negative Olivia,

For performance reasons (presumably), “As Designed”, 200 is the maximum default rows loaded, and All must (then) be manually clicked.

As a hack, though...

Consider creating a chart (column charts often work well) that somehow shapes your data into meaningful groupings, and default your report to the chart tab: all the data will render, and in one click, you can open the data of behind the clicked portion of interest. As an example, see our One Chart To Rule Them All blog post.



Thanks Doug! Our reports have less than 200 items in them though - my question is just if it can default to say "Showing all 45 projects" at the bottom of the list automatically. As it is now, the report just says "Showing All Projects" and the person has to go click on the little carrot there to show them the "Showing all 45 projects" each time they go into that dashboard - it's on additional click, and while it may not seem like a big deal - the less clicks the better for this group that is asking ;) Thank you!


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This is interesting. Here's a clip of a report that is sitting on one of our dashboards. It says "Showing all 13 projects" and there's no carot because that's all the lines for that report.


Other reports that we have on the dashboard set to show just 15 objects, but have more, show 15 of however many objects total there are

0694X00000C1PjtQAF.pngI wonder if this is a New Experience/Classic difference. We're using the New Experience, are you still in Classic??