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Calculated Field to Manage Holiday Entitlement


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I have been asked if we can monitor a teams' holiday entitlement via Workfront. I had the idea of creating a calendar and using the Time Off option as a filter which has worked fine when I tested.

The next ask is that Workfront 'manages' the allocation per person, e.g. 25 days per year, and displays the remaining leave they have left. I created a User custom form and added a field for their total entitlement and know I will need a calculated field to reduce that total number when they book holiday but I then don't know the best way of recording this, e.g another field on the form where the user/manager enters the days requested so the calculated field subtracts this - I wondered if there was an automated way of doing this if possible, so any suggestions would be gratefully received!


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Level 10

Well... I would take this a different way. I would do a Time Off object type report. For fields, I'd have User >> Name, User >> Total Entitlement, and Time Off >> End Date. Click into the column for Total Entitlement I'd select Maximum for Summarize this column by.

Then go to grouping and do a matrix grouping with User on the left, End Date (by Year) on the top. Then go to Matrix Settings and click Show Record Count and Show Value.

In my example, I just used FTE since I don't have a Total Entitlement field, but it shows you that the first Adam was allotted one 1 and only took one day. The second Adam was allotted 1 day but took 3. (And sorry about the year. We integrated with our own custom tool so we haven't used the Time Off feature since 2015. LOL!)

Hope this helps.



Level 4

Anthony - I am sending a virtual high five in thanks for your suggestion - works perfectly and just what we needed!!

Thank you again for taking the time to reply 😊