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Calculated Field for the plannedCompletionDate of a Project Task with a particular milestone applied.


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Okay, I'm guessing this is a collections thing. But I've been working on something else and I got side-swiped with a reporting request that I'm working through now.

I'm looking to create a Project report which utilizes three calculated fields. The first two fields display the actualCompletionDate of two tasks with two different milestones applied. The third is a calculation of WEEKDAYDIFF between those two dates.

So, the first question: Is this even possible, and Help?

I've tried doing something like this...but it's not working:

IF({milestoneID}="5851d120007a5a899272acf155310bda",CONCAT({plannedCompletionDate}),CONCAT(" "))

I'm guessing it's "Collections And Output To Excel Time" but I'd prefer to keep everything within WF. Help?



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oh John. You have better ways to waste your time than this! ;-)

Get your happy butt over to the wf-pro website. It's all done here: https://wf-pro.com/textmode/text-mode-views-collections/ (or for your purposes, here https://wf-pro.com/textmode/text-mode-views-collections/#milestone-tasks )

(PS: I don't know that you CAN do a calculation that involves two different dates within a collection but... I'll sleep on it)


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It's funny; that's what I ended up doing shortly after I posted this question. I have a custom view where I made collections for reporting the dates on tasks with particular milestones. Then, I output the Report into Excel and did the calculations there. I just needed the data and didn't want to totally break my brain. :D

Although, that would rule as a custom form field for calculations and the like...oh well, the beat goes on.