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Braindates open to everyone on August 17!



If you'd like to meet up with other Workfront people and chat, be sure to register for Experience Makers Live. The Braindate marketplace opens up on August 17 to everyone! If you're a Braindate ambassador you have access now to sign in and create topics for people to participate in.

I know we have seen Braindates about these types of topics in the past, so here's some food for thought:

  • Text mode reporting hacks
  • Getting more out of Workfront Proof reporting
  • Sharing keys to adoption of Workfront in your instance
  • Finding the best way to manage notifications (and keep your inbox manageable)

Looking forward to seeing what you all come up with to meet about!


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Community Advisor

If I was to host a braindate what would you want to chat about?


Level 5

Topic Groups, Queue Topics and Routing Rules. I know how to set them up but I'd love to find out how others are keeping them organized since every time a template is used or a project get copied it makes duplicates of them. I am struggling with reporting (knowing which one is linked to the object I am reporting on, since they all have the exact same name) and also updating them. (When we update them on a template all of the existing projects are not updated.) The only way I know how to update them is to open the project and attach the template again. (this too makes duplicates dropdowns when entering an issue) There must be a better way than we are currently doing.


Community Advisor

That's an interesting use case. I think it might be worthwhile if you set up a "help me solve" braindate where you can screen share and walk us through what you're doing now, and the rest of us chime in and make suggestions.


Level 5

Let me see if I can create some fake projects to show what I mean. I can't share our real work since it's highly confidential.


Level 10

And just to add on to Tracy's... FCB uses queue topics and routing rules on every project as there are a lot of requests that go out to shared services teams and a separate request queue just doesn't make sense . (So much information is already on the project, the requester doesn't need to re-add it, and it also gives the team view access to the project to get more info if they need it).

I know some people do this to separate meeting minutes, issues, change orders, and risks (if you need something more customizable than the out-of-the-box risks). So if you are one of those people, I'm sure she would love to hear how you do some reporting (i.e. roll up all your risks).

Tracy - not sure if anyone can help with the updating as most people don't have them arranged in a way that updates all the time like FCB does, but my fingers are crossed. ;)


Level 4

@Michael Perez‚ - Not sure if this would solve your problem, but I created a separate "request queue" template that I would simply attach to a project once it was opened. So you would create your request queue template, without any tasks, folders, etc... just the queue, routing rules and forms. Here's an example:

PM opens a project using "Collateral Template" that has all of the tasks, folders, etc built in for the Project.

PM adds the appropriate queue template - at the agency that I used to work for, we had one called "Copyediting" and one called "Studio" so that requests would generate out of the project itself and get routed to those teams.

If you need to make updates to the queue, then you can simply update those templates and it is much easier to attach to an existing project when needed. It's pretty easy to delete out any duplicated if needed. And if you are doing reporting, you can simply make a calculated field that brings in the project reference number/name with the request queue, to maybe make a custom queue name that would help you sort through all of them?





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