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Upgrade the iPad App


Level 4


We'd like the iPad app to be updated with the same functionality as the phone app.



Level 10


I totally agree. I would really like to promote the ipad view to our leadership but at its current state - it is not useful. Items that would help:

  • Add Programs as a filter
  • Allow modification of the banner above the program listing (ex: "Group" option is not valuable for us)
  • Add Actual date data - not just planned
  • Add options like "Projects I Sponsor" - so Execs can have quick access
  • When looking at a project listing, being able to customize the columns that show
  • Being able to add a custom field to the view. (ex: We have a weekly quick status field that we would want to add)
  • Milestone view

As an Admin, I'd like a IPAD VIEW Test area/URL so that I could "LOG IN AS" one of my users to see what they see before I promote this feature (and I don't want to do this in production).


Level 2


also agree - our employees who proof documents when they travel have a terribly cumbersome set of steps in order to do this. very inelegant and frustrating.