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See the other forms a custom field is being used on


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When you select an existing custom field from the library while creating a custom form, you see the notice: This field is being used on other forms. Changing it here will also change it on those forms.

Since we have a request & project copy of nearly every custom form, so we see this message all the time. The problem is that we don't know where the field being used! It would be so helpful if you could find out which forms are using that field without having to save and exit or leave the page.

I'd love to see something like "hover to see which forms are also using this field" or even just have the full list of forms using it displayed right there in the message (bonus points if the list is collapsible).

We have older forms with fields that are inactive, but we still need to keep them to avoid losing historic data. I'd hate to accidentally change a field being used on another form and lose all that data. Creating new versions of the field can also be cumbersome, since you can't have two fields with the same name. Sometimes there are only so many ways to ask a question, and then we have to get creative with letter cases & the limited punctuation allowed (which is inefficient and doesn't always look professional).



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This would help a lot with performing the proper analysis around whether a field should be changed and who to involve in the decision-making process if we can tell what other reports the form is being utilized on


Level 4



I agree with this request! I would also like some kind of indication that would show in that drop down if a form the field is on is inactive. now the only way I can determine that is as a team, when we retire a form, we add "_retired" and then the date we retire that form. So at a glance, we can see if that field is on any active form but would like a more clear cut solution in case there's human error and we forget to add that nomenclature deactivating forms.