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Retain Approval flows on issues after converting to project


Level 8


Description - Approval flows are key functions that often support compliance standards or even legal requirements. Retention of the approval information is essential. Lack of retention has consequences that can devasting to a business if they are audited and found out of compliance.

Why is this feature important to you - What is the point of an Approval flow function if there is no record of it? To reliably capture approvals, I now have to build a workaround, probably with a custom form.

How would you like the feature to work - Retain the decision of an Approval flow indefinitely. Either retain the Approval flow, log the decision in Updates, or both. Bonus points if you give sys admins the ability to lock down the ability to remove Approvals from objects.

Current Behaviour - If you associate an Approval with a request, then convert that request to a project, the Approval is removed from the request. There is no place where the outcome of that Approval flow is documented—not the Approvals area and not the Updates area. Workfront support confirmed that this is behavior as designed.