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Kanban Board Flow Optimization


Level 2


Description - Allow users to filter their backlogged tickets by assignee on the kanban board view and allow status changes on the backlog view (when tickets are in backlog) to update the column the ticket resides in. For an example, users will be able to assign tickets to themselves on the backlog tab, then change the status of the ticket from "new" to "in progress" and the update reflects the tickets column position on the kanban board tab.


Why is this feature important to you - Our agile kanban teams support hundreds of tickets. Scrolling down on the backlog column on the kanban view is tedious since there isn't a way to filter out tickets by assignee on the kanban board. This makes the process very slow and it's extremely easy to lose tickets. More importantly, the team would rather use JIRA which would have multiple negative affects to the workflow. 


How would you like the feature to work - Team members can assign themselves from the backlog view and either change the status from the backlog view or toggle to their kanban board tab where they'll be able to filter for their name and move the tickets from backlog to "In-Progress" easily. 


Current Behaviour - Tickets pile up in the kanban board view under backlog and users have to scroll to find their ticket. If they'd rather move to the backlog tab, they can't update the status of the ticket on this view and have it reflect the column the ticket resides in on the kanban board view.