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Issue with Time-off over time zone




I would like to propose one improvement in the time-off concept over time zone.

Currently, there is this issue that a whole day off entered by someone in a given time zone will be visible as 2 days off in another time zone. This gives a false information to other colleagues and this also prevent a correct planing with the resource manager.


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I've been playing with the entry of time off and noticed the following:

1. ticking the day off checkbox causes a lot of problem as described above and in the different posts.

2. entering just one hour time off, for example between 11:00 and 12:00 for a given day, will be processed correctly, the resource manager even considering it as only one hour in the day and being able to consider the rest of the day work. That's a good behavior.

3. entering 12 hours time off between 0:00 and 12:00 is quite funny because it will be shown in the time zone "after" from 23:00 to 11:00 the same day (back in time!).


I've understood that the concept of the current implementation is to consider the real time in the different time zone, which is fair enough to me, but even considering that, it's not working correctly. The function has not been developed properly.

So please fix this: when a user checks the "all day off" checkbox, Workfront should consider the corresponding time only, from 0:00 to 23:59 that given day. In the time zone "after" (+1), Workfront would have to display the 24 hours off like a time off from 23:00 (day before) to 22:59. That is 2 partial days off and by no means 2 days off = 48 hours.
This solution would not be much better in the calendar (except the color of the time off showing partial time off instead of full day off) but at least, the resource manager will be able to evaluate correctly when a job can be delivered.

The day off check box state must never be used for any time zone difference calculation, but only in the frontend to facilitate the entry of full days off.

I suspect this fix can be down without reconsidering the whole concept and hope you can at least evaluate it and share your feedback.


Thank you




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I've seen the same problems. I sent a support ticket a few months ago that they said was resolved but evidently it wasn't. Explanation of the problem attached.Calendar Issues.jpg