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Increase capacity to automatically recalculate timelines


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Description - Workfront support finally got to the bottom of why our instance consistently runs into projects scheduling over time off and not resolving itself overnight: "The work per day updates (which correlate to the Workload Balancer) are intentionally excluded due to the amount of data that the recalculation handles." The only workaround is to manually push timeline recalculations.

Why is this feature important to youThis calculation limitation is debilitating when an instance handles hundreds of active projects at a time. For reasons outside of my control, I was unable to update system schedules with our holidays until December and January—well after we had preloaded 2024 work. Our capacity planning data is now skewed because we have hundreds of projects that haven't recalculated automatically to accommodate holidays. We expect automation for something like this and instead are asked to spend precious time pushing a button.

How would you like the feature to work - Automatically recalculate timelines. Warn admins if automatic recalculation isn't possible and provide guidance on how to resolve the error.

Current Behaviour - Despite configurations, Workfront has stopped doing overnight timeline recalculation without warning. Users must manually recalculate—and even that doesn't always adjust schedules around time off.





Hi @Lyndsy-Denk,


To keep your timelines smelling fresh...


I invite you to consider our Force Timeline Recalculations solution, provides a simple, schedulable way to automatically recalculate the timelines for all projects matching a selected filter, ensuring they are up to date.


To illustrate, I've just done so below for a selected Project filter, noting that the updates are then batched efficiently in groups of 10, and execute quickly.


Still a button (but only one button)...although it can also be scheduled to run (e.g. every night, as shown below).










cc: @CynthiaBoon -- perhaps a good gotcha/growing pains topic to discuss with SysAdmins sometime...?


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Thank you, @Doug_Den_Hoed__AtAppStore . I think I once knew about the master Recalculate Timelines button in the Diagnostics area, so I appreciate the reminder. Support also gave me a filter that non-admins can use, but for each use that takes a little adjusting here and there so as not to send the system into convulsions.