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IDEA: Ability to make native Workfront fields *required*


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Description - The option to make certain Workfront native fields as required (ie: portfolios and programs). 

Why is this feature important to you - We have certain criteria that project owners should be using that sometimes get overlooked and mess up reporting. Everything in our system should live somewhere instead of just floating around and it's up the admins to point this out with end of the quarter reporting.

How would you like the feature to work - at the group level under project preferences, have the option to toggle workfront data as required similar to when we create custom forms. 

Current Behaviour - doesn't allow for required native fields and users overlook or "forget".


edited to include additional items of consideration: not having the ability to create the description field as "required" means we have to duplicate the question by adding it to a custom form and hiding the native field from users views which essentially renders the workfront field pointless and makes admins duplicate efforts and fields. 



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I've seen other ideas for this and I agree. I also want the native portfolio and program fields to be able to be part of a custom form and not just in a project's Overview area. People constantly miss filling in these fields bc they're not part of the custom form.


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I had to create a Fusion automation that copies whatever is in a custom typeahead "company" field to the built-in company field just to make it *required. This seems like one of those things that should have been done long ago.


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You have my vote for this! It's just one more clean up item on the list that could be avoided if there were an optional requirement.


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Just got a question from a team member about this topic today - agreed that it would be helpful. To help us account for missing data today, we currently have automated send weekly reports that go out to our team to prompt people to fill in that info if it is missing. It's a report where if the portfolio, program or project sponsor is missing, the fields in the report turn red with a directive on what to do to resolve it. If the fields can be fixed within the report, we provide instructions for them to do so inline so that they don't have to click into the project.


An oversimplified example of the report prompting the user to fix is if the program = blank, display <error text of your choice/instructions to fix> and we also turn the field in the report red to draw attention.


We then group the report by project owner name so a PM can quickly jump to their "problem" projects and fix.




I'm glad to let you know that we now have a new functionality that allows you to add a Native field to a custom form, and when the native field is added to a custom form, you can make it required as well. 


To achieve the requested feature, you could hide the Project's Portfolio and Program fields from the overview section using Layout Templates and then add Portfolio and Program fields to the custom form and make those required.


Details on how to add a native field to a custom form can be found on this page.