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Custom fields - Validation of entered values


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Description - Any validation possibilites for entered values into custom fields would be great.


Why is this feature important to you - At the moment there is no possibility to validate any entered values into fields. We cannot validate, if e.g. a valid email address, or url was entered, also for date fields it is not possible to define, e.g. that the allowed choices have to be after a specific date,...


How would you like the feature to work - RegEx would be fine


Current Behaviour - no validation


We use a campaign start and end date on a custom form and need the ability to validate the values to prevent dates in the past or contradictory values from being entered. It would be super if we could validate to only be able to select dates in the future or that a end date is after a start date much like some of the sytem fields in Workfront!

This is something we have wanted since we went live with Workfront. The specific criteria we need are:

  • Do not allow a customer to select date in the past
  • Gray out dates in non-standard turn times (example: if we require at least 6 days to complete the work then the customer cannot select a date within that 6 days, only a date after it)
  • When there are more than one calendar field, allow for settings of the second (or third, etc) field to be set to a date after. Tie to the previous field to set criteria. 
  • We need this to be customizable by form, so it can be set to each specific request type since they can be very different. 

Description - Add the ability to create validation rules (As a Sys Admin) using Regular Expressions or some other validation technology.


Why is this feature important to you -  Ensures you are getting correctly typed data


How would you like the feature to work - Whether the field is required or not, have a validation rule field that allows regex formulas to validate if the value entered is acceptable as a response.


Current Behaviour - No validation other than required or not is available.


We have the same issue with dates being selected that don't follow our standard turnaround/lead time. There needs to be a way to grey out certain dates.


I would love to see that incorporated with a schedule as well, so if a company or department is closed on certain days as noted on the Workfront schedule, those days are automatically greyed out as well so requests cannot be submitted with a due date of when the department or company is closed.