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Realtime data validation in custom form


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We recently encountered an issue with one of our project team using Workfront.

The team is using “Custom Form” for one the projects. They have lot of editable fields and they wanted to have validation in those fields.

1. The user should not be able to enter more than n number of characters. If they did, immediately the field should show error or restrict the user to enter more characters.

2. Date field validation. Example, the user should not be allowed enter a date less than today or something like that.

Both of these should happen before submission of a custom form i.e. on real time basis when user is entering values in the custom form.

Looks like Workfront doesn’t support those kind of validation.



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This would make life a lot easier when adding custom start and end dates that need to have an end date after a start date. Integrations blow up without this validation in place.


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The link provided by ewanh above leads not to an idea but to a page of documentation(https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/workfront/using/home.html). I came here in search of learning how to configure field validation. I am a bit confused by this thread.


Note: I find that most links in this forum do not lead to the intended destination. Might be a good idea to clean the links up. This reduces the usefulness of the entire site. When someone references a thread or idea with a link that leads to nowhere I can't find the answer that someone else already worked hard to resolve. Very frustrating.