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Character Limit on Forms


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Description - Be able to set a character limit in single line text field or paragraph text field. 

Why is this feature important to you - We have certain assets that we can only have a certain number of characters when using the single line text field or paragraph text field option in the form. To be able to set the limit would be helpful. We currently use the instructions to let them know not to go over, but it's not always followed. 

How would you like the feature to work - When the system admin is creating the form, they would be able to change the character limit if they need to for single line text field or paragraph text field. Otherwise it would default to the standard if no limit is needed. 

Current Behaviour - There is no character limit on custom forms and having users follow the instructions is not always working. 



This would benefit many of our teams that are using Workfront - I am excited to see this on the roadmap!

One use case is for our Adobe Analytics team who requires the submitter to provide the campaign name and creative series ticker. Sometimes our submitters submit beyond that and it is hard for the team to know which key words to keep versus not.

Another use case is for our Global Publishing team, whom will be utilizing Workfront to send information from WF to AEM via an API integration - in AEM there are character limits for maybe of the text boxes and sections of a web page. This would be hugely beneficial here and reduce the back and forth that is then had between the Publisher and marketing manager.


This goes both directions - allowing more than 2k for specific text fields as needed. We have lists of products in images, and sometimes the fields have more than one image listed, which can turn into a lot of characters. Giving admins more control over the true size of a text field (not just visually) allows better customization of to meet data needs.

Thank you!



Hi! checking to see if there is more information on this feature since other form builder changes are live. Will we see this in the 22.2 release?

Adding a use case - we have a "GL code" that's required for chargebacks on marketing materials.

It's one string of 4 sets of numeric code & 1 set of alphanumeric

Requestors often write "TBD" right now making extra work for PMs who have to track it down.




We're fairly new to Workfront and I still can't believe this isn't available in Workfront. It seems pretty basic for form design anymore. Really hope it gets added or even as an expression on a calculated field would be useful.


Our use case is for several fields related to titles/descriptions that must be within character limits or the request should be rejected. I don't want to ingest an Excel file (which can enforce limits) just for a few fields...


Use case example: We have a request form to send emails. Email subject lines and preview text can be no more than 150 characters, but our requestors fail to read the help text.


We also have a number of use cases where we need to control for word counts within a text field so the text fits within our report's final templates without spilling off pages or into other components. At the least, I would think we could display the count using a calculated field but that doesn't even seem possible. Any creative ways to solve this?