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Assign a task / work element to a team and let the members decide what they work on.


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Description - We are looking for a solution to assign a new work item / task to a group and let the team members grab it marking the item as "work on it".

Why is this feature important to you - As far as I understand, if a work item, e.g. a task is assigned to a team, the new task is not listed in the todo list of each member. As in our company not for all projects a planner position is necessary, this step should be skippable.

How would you like the feature to work - It would be nice to have a setting to be able to assign a task to a whole group and let the members decide, who picks the task.


Current Behaviour - Currently, the task is only visible to the team members, if it's exclusively assigned to the user. Also in the Creative Cloud Plugin (tested in InDesign), the task is not listed, if only assigned to the team. We want to give staff the opportunity to work without having to leave the Creative Cloud app.



I also asked the community already, if this is somehow possible. 



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My understanding is that this is what a Team can do. When a task is assigned to the Team, members are notified. When they view the task, they can indeed click Work on it, which adds that user to the task directly.


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@Lyndsy-Denk You are absolutely right!

I think I somehow mixed up some things. As we are working with the Creative Cloud plugin (for InDesign, After Effects, Premiere, ...), we wanted to achieve a way to be able to do most of the Workfront related stuff without having to leave the Creative Cloud application.
Until now in this specific case, the worker will need to login to WF in the browser to see and work with the team-assigned tasks.

Additionally, I think I made a mistake when creating a "ToDo"-dashboard for those workers.

Concerning the CC plugin I am in direct exchange with the corresponding team.

Thanks for opening my eyes.