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Send Notification to the requester for pending issues at 7th ,14th and 21st day from the date of Issue status change


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I am trying to set up a scenario to notify the requester to submit the required document if the document has not been submitted after 7days. So, once the issue has been submitted by the requester, the status of the Issue will be New and when the resolver reviews the issue and found no supporting documents, the issue status is updated to pending inputs and if the resolver does not receive the document even after 7days, i want the fusion to send notification to the requester after 7days from the date of issue update date

Can someone help me on steps to set up this scenario, esp the issue update date.


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Vaishnavi,  This is a fairly complex ask, it would be best to get 60mins with an Integration Consultant who can help you design it.  However, I did have an extremely similar scenario I built for exact same 7,14, 21 day notifications to help our marketers get notified when one of their requests is returned to them (with a "returned" status).  I used Data Store to capture initial date when request went into that status.  I had a 7 day notice column, I used addDays function to add 7 days to the initial data...and so on for the other days.  Using Data Store you can also check the existence of a record as I needed to be able to delete the Data Store record if user did make an update so I didn't continually notify them if they took action.  Here is what is looks like below; may be it will be helpful to you; but again, its complex enough that a Consultant would be helpful.