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Fusion connection to Workfront Sandbox?


Level 2

Hi all - new to Fusion and would like to connect to our Sandbox to do some experimentation and I'm already stuck.


I've tried entering in http://ourdomain.sb01.workfront.com, which I'm able to Verify, but when I try to save the scenario, I get an error message: Account doesn't exist: Connection not found 'workfront-workfront:54230'. 


Any thoughts?

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Level 8

Hi Amy,


Perhaps you have a misconfigured module in your scenario.

Did you try to create another new scenario containing e.g. only one search module using this connector?

I just double checked our connector to sb01 and it is working without any issues.

Perhaps also the DevTool could help you... (https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/workfront/using/adobe-workfront-fusion/scenarios-in-fusion/d...)





Level 4

Thank you for your reply - I was able to connect to the Sandbox. Then I couldn't. Then I could again. So, I'm not sure what was going on, but I got it to work! The DevTool is great - and something I wasn't aware of - so thank you for that, too!


Level 1

We had this before, you need to use preview. 


Proofing isn't available in Sandbox. 


Level 4

Thank you! Shortly after getting the connection to the Sandbox working, I quickly realized I wasn't able to create proofs.