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Pass a document to a created task from a request


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I have a scenario that creates a task from a request (issue) when a custom field is selected. The problem I'm having is how to pass the attached document from the request (issue) to the new task. Does anyone know if this can be done?


I'm able to see the document ID in the Watch Record module (first image), but it doesn't appear when mapping the data (second image). 




Screenshot 2024-04-10 at 12.37.06 PM.png



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Hello Douglas, 


I created something similar a while ago and will try to find the blueprint of the scenario later.

In general the Workfront modules in Fusion sometimes lack of some functionality or do not provide all available fields.


I would put a Read a record module after the Watch record module to fetch the documents of the original issue and go on from there.






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Thank you for responding Lars! I've tried this approach but still can't get the document ID to show in the mapping, just the collection ( [1] ).


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I don't know if I'm being overly simplistic, so forgive me. But I've done something similar and just jerry rigged a quick example Scenario. 




I have a Search module looking for issues being created in a test project. If it has documents on it, a task is created in the same project.







The documents array is then iterated out so I can grab each document's ID.


Then, I use the Misc Actions module to move the documents from the Issue to the Task.




And, in my example, I zap the issue after it's done.  



Is this more or less what you're looking to do?


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Remember that if you want to leave the original on the issue, you can use a download doc module and then upload doc module onto the task, although always put docs at the project level. 


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Thank you for the response, and your suggestion looks perfect. I'm still trying to make it work for my scenario, but this definitely has me moving in the right direction!