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OMG low-calorie Workfront Search modules!


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I just wanted to say that I noticed the new Search modules available in Fusion today. Or rather, when I was working on a scenario, I noticed that my Search modules had "(Legacy)" next to them.


This, of course, piqued my interest. So for fun*, I put a new Search module in a scenario, made it search for Documents, and exported it. 14k. OMG. 

Earlier today, I copied a legacy Search module, one that I use for Documents. Did the same thing. 202k. What a difference.


Usually I come on here when I'm trying to think about something or when I want to complain about getting surveys in Workfront or something else. But this....this is such an amazing gift to get on a Thursday. So...just wanted to say thanks!




*My current idea of "fun" needs some TLC. 

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Level 10


Less is more: very encouraging @JohnJOSullivan,


Just to flip the coin...did the new search results still give you the correct result set, and if so (out of curiosity), what was in the 93% of the Legacy result that has now been trimmed?




I did a test because I'm always a skeptic. The new Search module found the same number of records as a legacy Search module.

The one buggy thing I noted: I'll set up a Search module to look for certain parameters. Normally, after I specify what fields I'm looking for, those choices are available to use downstream after I save the Scenario. I did the same thing with an Issue-based Search module and these choices were the only ones available:




Once I did a "run this module only" with a sample issue, the fields I'm searching for replaced those four weird ones. 


TBH, right now, I'm rebuilding stuff so most of my modules are going to remain Legacy for now. Perhaps on a Friday when I want to give myself a headache, I'll do a massive Search module swap.