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new UI bug?


Level 6

I got an error message earlier today for one of my scenarios and went into Fusion to investigate.  When I click into one of the errored attempts, nothing shows up under Simple Log, and if I click on Advanced Log, Fusion takes me out of my scenario altogether and back to the home screen.

simple and advanced logs.png

I experimented and found that I can get the logs by clicking on 'Go to original record.'  However, this seems to work only if I'm clicking on it from the main attempts screen:

original record.png

If I go into one of the attempts and try to navigate to the original record from there, I get spinning circles and a page unresponsive notice:

page unresponsive.png

I cleared my browser's cache/cookies, and the issues persisted.  I don't have any of these issues when using the old UI.  Is anyone else seeing this behavior?  This new UI is clearly not performing well.





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Level 5

I haven't hit this specific issue, but I have filed several support tickets about issues found with it.  Support has directed me back to the "switch to old ui" button and leaving feedback via the pop up that appears.

Agreed that the new UI appears to be very not-ready for prime time.  Given it's nascent state, I really would have preferred it to be an opt-in rather than the default.  And also would be better to have a dedicated "Report an issue" or "Give feedback" button rather than having to switch to the old UI with no way to switch back -- like, giving feedback and abandoning usage of the UI shouldn't be tied together.


Level 6

Agree completely.  And at the rate bugs keep popping up, I have my doubts about them being able to turn off the old UI by 8/15.