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Video on HOW TO - use the "edit text layer" Photoshop module (Workfront Fusion)


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Does anyone know of step by step instructions, preferably video, of how to use the "edit text layer" Photoshop module in Workfront Fusion. 

Currently, Im just getting a lot of: [InputValidationError][400] Invalid request parameters


This is the module I speak on specifically. 

If I had a simple (1) click (2) this (3) this and (4) that and i get a (5) success, that would be ideal. I could build from there. 

Any help guide, better documentation than provided by adobe is appreciated. 

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This would require that you have a license to use the Photoshop API and some knowledge of how to make API calls...

Get API creds.

With the API creds you can then request a token.

Use the token to request an edit to a PS document that is stored on a public server or a SAS URL with the correct privs.

You can either use the Adobe Photoshop beta Modules or custom http API calls to do this. If you understand all of the above then I'll post more specific stuff to point you in the right direction.