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How to create multiple projects from multi-select content type?


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We are trying to build a program request for which we will take in the request for all the contents and activation needed for a campaign. Once the program is submitted, we will want Fusion to create the required projects based on the selection of content types. 


Here's how the sample of content multi-select field look like. We want to allow people to select multiple content and activation needed in one program request. 




Based on above examples, the content and activation selected were infographics, vlog, content syndication and display ads. From these selections, Fusion will need to create 4 projects for each of the selection. 


The flow = Request is submitted > Fusion creates project for each of the selection > Fusion to attach custom forms (Each selection may have multiple custom forms) > Fusion map the fields from Request to Project


Since we're creating a project for each selection and attaching multiple forms to each of those newly created projects, we set the routers to be in a way that each routers will contain the filter of each of the field selection. For example, infographics and vlog: 



This is how we set the filter up in the router: 



However after running the scenario, there was no bundle that run through any of the routers: 



I think we might have been using the wrong set of filter / router configuration. Can anyone please advise us how to set our scenario up so that we can create projects for each of the content selection we have?


p/s: There were some inconsistencies in field names in my screenshots. Some were old screenshots and please know that that is not the case as we have made changes and made sure the fields are all correct. 


All help are appreciated and thank you in advance! 





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hey @ArthurChalamet ! Could you share the output of "create a program"? and with that, we can validate the variable to filter the condition 


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Hi @OlenkaVarLazCo 


Here's the output to create a program module:



Here's how our overall scenario looks like: 



So the flow would be: 

1. Program request gets submitted

2. Fusion to QC the required fields so that there's no 'N/A' or 'NIL' input. If QC passed, the request status is set to 'Closed'. 

3. Then we're letting users to choose whether the request is for an existing program or new program. Which is why you see on the second router, there's New Program / Existing Program filter. We're just letting people to choose either Yes or No. 


How we set up our New program filter: 


I think what we would like to really know is to how set up the content type filters so that every time someone chooses multiple content, the bundle goes into each of the selected option filter. Right now it looks like the scenario is only allowing single selection bundle to pass through. 


I really appreciate your help on this! Thanks!