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How to add 5 Weekdays to a date field using fusion


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Good morning. I am trying to use fusion to set a date on a date field that is 5 days from "now" using addDays(now;5) but it keeps counting the weekends. I would like to skip the weekends and only add 5 WORK days, but addWorkDays(now;5) is not working. Any ideas?


Thanks in advance.

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Hello Ronald,


unfortunately there is no addWorkDays() function in Fusion.


Perhaps you will find a solution on basis of the attached blueprint. That scenario will provide you with the weekdays days between two given dates...





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Thank you for this information. I was able to devise a workaround using a calculated field on the request issue that does the same thing I was trying to do in Fusion (addWorkDay) and then had Fusion reference that field when setting the project level custom form field.


Thanks again.