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Bringing in GoogleSheet content to a custom form


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Hi folks, I have a scenario (a literal scenario, not a Fusion scenario) whereby a user completes content into a table in a GoogleSheet. I then want to take that content and populate it into like-for-like fields in a custom form attached to an issue/request in Workfront. I've done this quite happily using an Excel output to a CSV, Parse CSV, Create Record, Misc Action to attach the template to add the Custom Form and then Update Record to populate the csv data into the form.

Is there an equivalent obtaining/preparing the data from an array in a GoogleSheet? I'm playing around with Get Range Values, but not having any joy so far at getting a set of map-able fields I can use to populate a form.


Any guidance appreciated and if I figure it out, I'll post a reply to myself in case helpful!

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Hello RT_Ops,


I have done some similar operations using Google Apps Script talking to the Workfront API before we got our Fusion instance.


But you should also be able to create such a scenario using the Google Sheets connector and the corresponding modules in Fusion.