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Decrepancy in HTML between WF notifications/updates via email and within WF platform


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Workfront have rolled out an update to how comments are displayed (now they are centrally aligned). There is still a toggle switch to take it back to the old view but I assume soon enough this will become unavailable.


We send automated messages to our projects via Fusion. The new updates to the message stream recently rolled out by WF strips out any implicit HTML, so rather than our messages being nicely formatted in paragraphs, bullet lists, etc., they are all squashed together in one gigantic string.


I updated the modules in Fusion with additional HTML and this seems to fix the problem when the messages are viewed in WF in the updated version. However, if you toggle the switch back to the old version, now you see all the additional HTML eg <br /><ul><li>...

This additional HTML is also shown in the corresponding email notifications sent about the message so the email notifications look terrible!


I am using a Compose a String module first and then putting that into a Create Record module to add the update and send out the notification in WF.

It has the same problem whether I write the text directly in the Create a record module or use a Compose a string module prior to this. There is a difference between whether the html is picked up in the update posted in WF vs. the notification that is sent as an email.


Modules being used





Text for the message/update/notification as written in Fusion with the additional HTML code



The module that posts the update/sends the email notification



How the message displays in WF (new version)



How the message displays in WF (old version)



How the email notification comes through



Does anyone have a work-around for this?

I really don't want to have to go through all our automated messages in Fusion and update them with HTML like this.




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Hi @PoppyJennings ,


Could you please submit an issue with Workfront support team and provide the steps you are taking to make the update so that the team can troubleshoot?


Thank you,



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I opened a support ticket at the same time I wrote this post. Lesley from your team got in contact with me. I wrote him a detailed email outlining the problem and have heard nothing else since. As usual the support from Adobe is non-existent.



Hi @PoppyJennings ,


Could you please send me the link to the support ticket? I had passed along your feedback to the development team and they were already looking into it but having the support ticket link will help keep you informed on the progress.


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I would try using html field instead of noteText to create these notes.

However, if you use html field and indeed want to go with rich text formatting this can get extremly complex, because html field is expecting JSON structure, as explained here:

WF support once told me they want to make use of html field easier in the future, but I guess that future isn't anywhere near.




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Sorry Rafal, this response was meant in relation to Anna. Thanks for your input.