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Looking to create a Task with Child Tasks from a Request via Fusion


Level 2

Still new at Fusion (How long can I say that?) I'm trying to create a Parent task with Child Tasks from a request. I am able to create the tasks as I would like I just can figure out how roll the Child Tasks up to a Parent Task.

Has anyone done this? Any suggestions would be so helpful.


Thank you,




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I'm pretty certain you just create the parent task, get the task ID, then create the child task whilst setting the parentID value to the parent task's ID.  You can see the metadata for such a thing here:


And you can see how to add a task here which also calls out the parentID value:


Hope that helps!


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In addition to what cverges-medallia posted, are you always creating the same tasks? If so, you could just create a template that looks like you want, and then apply your template.


Level 2

Thank you for your responses. I would swear I selected Parent ID several times but for whatever reason it finally worked.


Thank you!