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Workfront for Construction Management


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I would love to chat with others that have used Workfront specifically for Construction projects.  The timelines for these projects always seem to be a moving target and are dependent on permits and outside factors, so I would like to learn from others that have used the software to help improve their process.


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Hi Shawn, 


Not sure if you are already using WF or thinking of adding it as your work management tool of record. Either way, welcome!


While I have not had experience with using WF for construction projects specifically, I have used WF (and other work management software) for other industries; healthcare, fintech, home improvement (materials & add ons), lifestyle, etc. While I am sure construction projects have their unique variables and considerations, as you've noted about permitting and outside factors, in my experience working with companies to implement project management tools, I can comfortably say that most projects follow the same pattern; Initiation, Planning, Execution, Delivery/Performance, & Closure (I can offer more details on these offline).


The thing to think about, that I believe most people overlook, is most everything we do, in some form or shape, is a "project." Do you maintain a personal to-do list? That's a project. Do you cook? That's a project. Do you garden/take care of the yard? That's a project. Do you have an multi-million dollar executable tactic for a high-level marketing campaign? That's a project. We tend to over complicate projects and add way more detail than is needed. At the heart of a project is just a list of things that need to get done (sometimes at a very specific time and date) in order to complete the requirement. The better you (or your teams) are at keeping this in front of you, the better you will be at delivering on time and on budget (if both these are important to you). Additionally, the better you become at project management, the more flexible and adaptive you will be when things do not go exactly as you plan. (spoiler alert: they never do.)


I would be willing to work with you to see what your needs are and what current process issues you are try to solve for. Ideally, we would want to have a couple discovery meetings to assess and understand your current state. The goal would be to take any processes or workflows you currently have now outside of WF and move those in to WF as seamlessly as can be. This will greatly help with adoption and buy-in as you start using WF. 


Reach out if you'd like to talk.