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User Group Follow-up (Aug 31, 2021) - Leveraging Custom Forms



The purpose of this thread is to continue the conversation from the Virtual User Group on the topic of Leveraging Custom Forms on August 31, 2021.

Many thanks to everyone who came to our virtual meetup! Special thanks to @Betsey West‚ for sharing SO MANY amazing tips about custom forms. We'll post some of the links and tips she talked about in the comments shortly.

You can see more in the attached slides, and you can watch the replay here.

Do you have any questions that weren’t answered in the meetup? Was there a tip that was especially helpful that you picked up in the session? Leave a comment below and we’ll keep the conversation going!

Thanks again. If you have any feedback (good or bad), please don’t hesitate to reach out. You can find the schedule for all upcoming User Groups on the Events page on Workfront One (one.workfront.com/events).


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Quick follow-up. Here are some of the resources we chatted about in the session. Feel free to share any other links I may have missed!

- Best Practices Library: All Topics

- Best Practices Library: Custom Forms

- Learning Path: Custom Forms (30-min)

- Learning Path: Calculated fields and expressions in custom forms (40 min)

- Learning Path: Understand the basics of Workfront Fusion (40+ min)

- Documentation: Calculated data expressions

Someone on the call asked about best practices for comparing planned vs. actual hours. Here is an article on the concept of measuring work velocity published by our Training team recently, it would be a great place to start!


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Couldn't make it to this session, but loved it! Especially loved the text snippets for calculated fields. Thanks @Betsey West‚ !