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Serious Issue - Do you use Workfront as your 'Source of Truth' and 'System of Record' for project dialogue and data?


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Our organization has come to an impasse in an issue we are experiencing with using WF as our 'Source of Truth' for project data and dialogue.


We are moving to a cloud-based storage solution (Box.com) across our organization. We're looking to avoid duplicating files in multiple places.


The scenario: We are using the Box integration in Workfront to 'link' the files/folders from Box.

Problem #1: On linked files in Box, any record of comments or custom forms are deleted if a file is moved on the Box side.

Problem #2: Regardless of who is making an update to the file, all system updates in Workfront show being taken by the person that created the project.

Workfront is indicating that this is how it is designed; that the integration with Box is one way.

Are you using Workfront as your system of record? If you are not, what is your solution? Are you integrating with a cloud provider?

Do you reference your WF project dialogue or updates for historical purposes or do you only use it as 'this is the final file.' perspective.

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Workfront is our marketing system of record.  We are looking in future to leverage AEM as the digital asset manager to house our final deliverables to allow distribution to groups as needed.


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Hi, I've worked somewhere where we used the Box integration for final file storage and I don't recall it stripping any comments/history from the linked file in WF after 'sending' it to Box, maybe things have changed. We used WF as our source of truth for all project collab and working files and used Box as our final file DAM (approved asset in WF but then sent to Box). 

Have also worked at a place with similar scenario but used Sharepoint as the DAM instead of Box.
I recommend assessing your tools and their purpose. You can have multiple tools coexist in an org that work together but serve different purposes, like Box/Sharepoint being your DAM and not WF and using their respective integrations to have them work together.

For your #2, you're saying anytime a file in WF is uploaded, downloaded, etc. it's showing the person who did it is the person that created the project even if they aren't the ones doing these actions? That definitely sounds like a bug to me.

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HI Madalyn - we're doing the flip side. We're using Box for our main file storage because it's accessible to even non-WF people. For instance, in order to simultaneously review a document we are now using Box. We'd like to use WF Proof but we'd need to have everyone in or organization trained on proof - when they use Box for the rest of the company.


We have multiple acquisitions in our organization (50+). They do not all need WF access as they will not be submitting or approving anything but they DO need access to the files we share with them. 


Therefore, our 'working files' that are normally added into WF as a file are (like the first file) are now added into WF via the Box integration link of 'Add a file from Box'. (like the second file)


Example of Problem #1:

  1. So Denny Designer comments on the Screenshot image that is a box link asking for feedback from Chrissy Copywriter, and they collaborate on the file etc. all is good. The document form that as document specific tracking fields at this point is still attached to the file. All is right with the world.
  2. However, now Manager Mary moves said file in Box to a folder in Box for formal review. Manager Mary asks Stakeholder Steve to review the file. 
  3. Because Manager Mary moved the file n Box - although the link does not break in WF - all comments from Denny Designer and Chrissy Copywriter are now removed. The document form that had tracking fields is also removed.
  4. If you at any time move a file on the Box side - any WF history is wiped. I cant imagine with all the people that touch files that a file would remain in one folder in perpetuality. 

As it relates to Problem #2:

  1. Chrissy Copywriter opens a project and collaborates with Manager Mary and Designer Denny on creating a flyer.
  2. Designer Denny creates the flyer, saves it in Box, and adds it into Workfront as Box document.
  3. Chrissy Copywriter does not see that Designer Denny added a file. Instead, WF says that Chrissy Copywriter uploaded a file. Same for Manager Mary. If Manager Mary uploads a file from Box to that project - WF automatically indicates that it was added by Chrissy Copywriter who created the project.