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Dynamically Filter Reports with User and Date-Based Wildcards




Oftentimes, similar information is requested by multiple users, teams or departments. Rather than creating individualized reports for each user who reaches out, alleviate duplicate efforts by applying date and user-based wildcard filters. Wildcards can be applied to report filters so the results are dynamic and change based on the context in which they are used. 

Date-based wildcards, $$TODAY and $$NOW, allow for results to auto-update based on the dynamic date range entered in. Common examples include this week, last month or next year.

User-based wildcards generalize reports so the results change based on who is logged in and viewing the report. While there are several variations, the most commonly used is $$USER.ID.

Below are 3 simple, yet must-have reports for team members using wildcards. Click on the name of each report to download a 1-page guide with step-by-step report creation instructions. Then, share the reports with users who are typically assigned work, or add them all to a dashboard for quick access.

  1. My Overdue Tasks and Tasks Due Today - This report shows the logged in user their tasks that are due today as well as overdue so that they know action is needed.
  2. My Tasks Due Next Week - This report shows the logged in user what work is planned for the upcoming week to help prepare and prioritize.
  3. Issues Assigned To Me or My Team - This report shows the logged in user what issues are assigned to them or to their Home Team that need to be worked on. 

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