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Core API Documentation Site Open Beta




We are pleased to announce that a long-awaited feature is now available on Workfront One. The new API developer documentation site has been over a year in the making and is now ready for open beta testing! While not a full replacement for our legacy tools yet, the new site allows you to access information about our Core API in a familiar, industry-standard, OpenAPI spec format. The new documentation site provides a greatly enhanced user experience, and also gives us a strong platform to continuously deploy improvements to the documentation as the need arises.

What's new?

We are so excited to bring some new amazing features to front with the new documentation site!

Here are some of the major differences that you’ll notice between our legacy tools and the new documentation site: 

  • The new site is based on the industry-standard OpenAPI spec. 
  • The inherent layout of the OpenAPI spec documentation allows you to quickly obtain relevant information about objects and endpoints that isn’t readily apparent in our other Core API documentation resources. 
  • The new UI also affords you a level of search that doesn't exist in the legacy documentation tools, such as the ability to search for UI features, names, and descriptions, without having to know exact object references.
  • While the new developer documentation site is currently set up to work in tandem with our other API resources, our long-term goal is to integrate all of these important resources into a single, convenient space.

The new documentation site isn’t quite ready to replace our existing API documentation tools. For the time being, the Legacy API Explorer is still the best way to understand the relationships between different objects, their parameters, and the relationships that they share between other endpoints.

Work in progress

The Core Workfront API is vast and complex. Our team is working hard to build out this new site while simultaneously documenting objects, endpoints, and processes. You can expect constant updates during the beta process as we push toward having most major features available by the end of 2020.

What's next?

Some key improvements that are in queue are:

  • Basic CRUD examples for each of the functional areas.
  • Sandbox environment for request testing.
  • Updates to object and endpoint descriptions to make them more relevant, easier to understand, and more search friendly.
  • More articles about Core API processes, rules, and common use cases.
  • And, of course, we'll be working to evaluate and integrate the feedback that we receive during the beta process.

Where can you find the new developer site?

Like all of our self-help content, you can find the new developer site from Workfront One. Just click Resources > Developer site beta from the top menu.