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Qualified Profiles is always being zero in AJO


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I have created a simple segment in AJO, but I am always getting zero in 'Qualified Profiles Count' even after getting a count in "Estimated Profiles'.




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@Rohan_Aditya, Looks to me this is a batch segment. If it's a batch segment wait it will get evaluated on a 24 hr window. You can verify this from the segment overview screen when the last batch is completed and the next batch is scheduled. Look at some of the other recommendations from this thread

Thanks, Sathees


Level 2

Yes it's batch segment, and I have checked it after a 24hrs window, even then it's giving me 0 count in qualified profile.



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@Rohan_Aditya  could try the following 


1. verify the ingested data through preview dataset and profile enabled.

2. Try to use some other condition and see if the audience count increases

  • Example: Check for Arrow_billing_state exists or does not exist , such kind of generic conditions to understand if the data is ingested properly.