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Optout in AJO


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I am trying to send an email to members with an unsubscribe link using manage optout 


I have found out that optout (un-subscription) is handled by the Consents and Preferences field group which needs to be added to the profile-enabled schema, which is working fine after implementation.



1- I have seen another field group preference details which I think is used for optIn/Out as well. Upon verifying and testing I have found that field group Preferences Details - which creates attribute "optInOut._channels.email", if set to y and there will be check marks in given profile attribute under channel preference for each channel Opt-in. 

"Any email sent from AJO Journey will have unsubscribe link. Upon clicking the link, attribute consents.marketing.email.val sets to n. How can we update attribute "optInOut._channels.email", if this is required for opt-out."


Has somebody implemented this in their email.









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In Journey Optimizer, consent is handled by the Experience Platform Consents and Preferences field group
. By default, the value for the consent field is empty and treated as consent to receive your communications. You can modify this default value while onboarding to one of the possible values listed here.


If you analyze both the fields group, you will get to know that Preference details field group doesn't have any field to capture the optin/opt out information.









Hope this helps.

Hi @Avinash_Gupta_ , Nice to see you after so many years.  


To answer your question, more fields from that field group starts popping up during mapping which is mentioned in the description of the screenshot I shared in question.




This is bit confusing as there is no document for this field group. I am hoping to hear anything from AJO product team but though to ask community as well to see if someone has encounter this. 



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Hi @Pradeep_Kumar_Srivastav Glad to see you as well after a very long time!


It may be some access issue due to which I'm not able to see the entire fields in this Preference details field group and yes there is no documentation available for Preference details field group. We would need to check with the AJO product team but meanwhile you are good to use the Consents and Preferences field group.