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Date Time functions, add days?


Level 4

Any tipps how I can add a given amount of days to a given datetime profile attribute?



profile.mydate + 100 days

Thursday, 11 November 2021 + 100 days = Saturday, 19 February 2022


I checked https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/journey-optimizer/using/personalization/functions/dates.html... but couldn't find a way to achieve this.


Thank you!

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Community Advisor

Haven't experienced this yet. Please reach out to clientcare@adobe.com 


Level 4

Hi @maggod , you could try a profile script similar to one show in the document here (this will have to be done in Target): 




hey @maggod  can you help me to understand the usecase? Is this for a condition check, or you are trying to append data? Or just format/change a string? 


Level 4

Hi Ivan


I wanted to render some personalized text into AJO message content.


"Your contract will end Sept 1st 2022".

"Sept 1st 2022" should be calculated based on a profile attribute (like "contract/abc/contractStartDate") plus 2 years.




Level 1

Hi, I'm currently trying to do the exact same thing (add 7 days to a dateTime field to get a new dateTime that is 7 days in the future). Is there already a solution or workaround for this? 

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