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Need to have the ability have dynamic send email addresses for channel surfaces


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Currently we have a business team that send our customers email from a unique email address (1:1) so that it's more personal to have the sender email address with their contact name instead of a generic email address.   That said on a team of 16, this requires 16 channel surface and therefore 16 emails.   The signature in the email can be made dynamic, but the inability to change the sending email address makes for a lot of extra work.   This is possible in other ESP.


Why is this feature important to you:

 - Reduce workload on team


How would you like the feature to work:

Allow the sending email address to be dynamic based on a variable in the customers profile.  For instance we have a SalesRep ID associated on the customer profile, this should dictate what email address is used.


Current Behaviour -

- Not possible.  Require 16 separate email nodes in every email send when all the versions are the same.

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@Caveman77  we have plans to bring this into the product soon! You'll have the ability within the surface configraiton to create dynamic expressions i.e. if salesRepID is listed on the profile use salesRep email for the reply-to address, else fallback to default reply-to address. 

Status changed to: Accepted