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Change scheduled time after Journey has been published


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Hi, I see we have a need to change when and how often a Journey is scheduled after it has been published.

Insted of having to create a new journey just to change when journey is set to schedule, with all the impact it has to current profiles in the journey. I would like the possibility to change when and how often a published journey is scheduled. Example: from As soon as Possible to Daily at 10 PM, or from Weekly Mondays to Weekly Tuesdays


A scheduled journey, is a published journey, so today to make a change to a scheduler I need to create a copy or a new journey version.



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Hi @DjTFox ,


You can't edit the journey after publish.

You have option to duplicate the journey. Choose the option duplicate to new version. This will let you edit the journey and it will not be a new journey.

How it will work:

1) If your journey is already started in version 1, all the customers which are part of journey at the moment will continue in version 1.

2) New customers entering the journey will go to version 2.





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Hi @DjTFox ,

In AJO, it is currently not possible to change the scheduling of a published journey without creating a new version. When you make changes to a published journey, it can have an impact on the profiles that are already in the journey, which is why it's not possible to modify a published journey's schedule directly.

However, one workaround is to use the "Update Profiles" option to update the journey's profiles with the new scheduling. This can be done by selecting the profiles currently in the journey and then updating their journey schedule. This will only affect the scheduling for those profiles, not the journey as a whole.

Note that this workaround will not work for all use cases, and it's important to test thoroughly to ensure that it works for your specific scenario.