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Ability to dynamically generate a mirror page URL


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Like many other marketing automation softwares out there, they come with some sort of functionality allowing you to generate a mirror page URL dynamically for specific deliveries sent to recipients / profiles. The means of doing so is not really important in my opinion, it is more the actual opportunity to do it that is important here. 


Why is this feature important to you

Like many other businesses, we have a customer service department that are dealing a whole lot with questions like: "You just sent me this email, why is that" for instance. It has been really beneficial for us to allow the agent to actually look up the email and see a preview / mirror page of that email to increase the customer experience in that specific scenario. We are currently using Adobe Campaigns feature to generate a mirror page using the API's.

var url = nms.delivery.GetMirrorURL(000000001,"00000002")


How would you like the feature to work

In my opinion an api solution for this would be the way to go. So similar to ACC, but just using REST api framework to generate the URL. 


Current Behaviour

Currently not possible