mbox data structure? (warning noob)

Jason_Semko 15-10-2015


I'm a noob (about 30 mins old) into mbox and don't have access to our Adobe Target software (client has it)

Our client is using Adobe Target for their homepage which contains 8 tiles (images, with some text). They have currently implemented one of these tiles to use mbox and have the content change per Adobe Target rules that come in via a javascript object (provided by the client, not created by myself). Since the client only controls one tile it's easy, whatever comes back from Target gets thrown into the single tile. 

Fast forward to today, the client now wants to be able to control all 8 tiles in this same fashion. My question is, on the Adobe target side, is there an easy way to name/create a well defined data structure that maps to each tile so the frontend javascript can map each set of data properly (eg "tile-1": data, "tile-2":data, etc)?


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