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Regional MBox creation


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Hi all, 


We have been told we need to create a regional mbox to deliver personalised content on page for product recommendations (using form based composer) but I'm struggling to understand where this config. happens and who does it?  is it done by developers? how does the regional mbox get into target as something for

 me to select to serve the content?  I have seen this post https://experienceleaguecommunities.adobe.com/t5/adobe-target-questions/how-to-create-regional-mbox-...

and the documentation suggested https://experienceleague.adobe.com/en/docs/target-dev/developer/client-side/at-js-implementation/fun... 

but where does this all happen? We have launch implemented is it in there?  

If anyone can help me figure out the high level view of 'who' would do this work (developer or tag management specialist or both) and where the config. is done that would be great!? 


Not sure if I'm asking for too much with too little detail - let me know

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Hi @Mycal_Tamariki 

You can create a regional mbox in Adobe Target using Form based experience composer.  Below function to create regional mbox 



To answer on your question about - where this config happens and who does it?  

This configuration happened in Adobe Target - Below are the steps. 


1) Login to Adobe Target Interface 

2) After Successful login - 

  1. Click Create Activity, then select the type of activity you want to create.

    The Form-Based Experience Composer is available for A/B Test, Experience Targeting, Automated Personalization, and Recommendations activities.

  2. Select Form from the Create Activity dialog box.

  3. (Conditional) Choose a workspace and property.

  4. Click Next.

    The Form-Based Experience Composer opens.


Once you added the details in above - you can see below screen 


For more information - here is the link How Do I Use the Form-Based Experience Composer? | Adobe Target


Who does it? 

It depends on how your team is structured. Ideally this can be doable by Adobe Target developer who knows adobe target overall.  


Hope this helps. If you have any more questions please feel free to post. 



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Hi @Gokul_Agiwal 


Many thanks for the reply!  just a couple of quick follow up questions - 

1) Where does this function adobe.target.getOffer(options) get applied? is it by developers in our App code? or is it in launch?

2) Thank you for the documentation referencing the setup of the new mbox in target, I didn't realise I could just enter a new mbox name, I'm guessing the name I enter in there needs to match the setup of the function in order for it to work outside the activity I setup?

Many thanks for your support! 





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Hi @Mycal_Tamariki 


Where does this function adobe.target.getOffer(options) get applied? is it by developers in our App code? or is it in launch? 

Answer ->  Again it depends on how your code is structured overall, you can use this function either in code or you can initiate through Launch as well. 

it surely depends on the use case and in which situation the regional mbox suppose to be trigger so you can achieve your personalization use case. 


I think if you speak with your development team or technical architect they will surely guide you. 


The answer of 2nd question ->  

Yes that's right. the Mbox name must match else the activity will not deliver. 


Hope this helps. Thanks