Can't Implement target through Launch

gabrieleg615679 08-11-2019

Hi all,

I'm trying to integrate target into AEM through Adobe Launch. I have done all the steps of this guide (Add Adobe Target)​ but when I use the debugger seems that there are 0 request for the mbox. What could be the issue?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


gabrieleg61567923​ & Sh1ju​,

cookieDomains should be set to the explicit subdomain you are using. No wildcard options. This worked for me on your site Sh1ju:

window.targetGlobalSettings = {

  cookieDomain: ""



Answers (10)

Answers (10)

Sh1ju 13-11-2019


I am new to Adobe Launch and Target.I got the same error while testing a URL.

I am using Adobe Launch to load Adobe Target V2


[page-init] Adobe Target content delivery is disabled. Ensure that you can save cookies to your current domain, there is no "mboxDisable" cookie and there is no "mboxDisable" parameter in query string.

Demo URL : Sample Page for testing Adobe Target


gabrieleg61567923​ Thanks for confirming that your using a cloud based instance. Please check Use cloud-based instances with Target .If you intend to use cloud-based instances with domains included on the Public Suffix List, make sure that you customize the cookieDomain setting. For more information, see targetGlobalSettings() .

Hope this helps.