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NEW IN 2022 [AT Community Q&A Coffee Break] 1/19/22, 8am PT: Jon Tehero, Group Product Manager for Adobe Target



Join us for our next Adobe Target Community Q&A Coffee Break 

taking place Wednesday, January 19th, 2022 @ 8am PT

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We'll be joined by Jon Tehero, aka @Jon_Tehero, Group Product Manager for Adobe Target, who will be signed in here to the Adobe Target Community to chat directly with you on this thread about your Adobe Target questions pertaining to his areas of expertise:

  • Adobe Target Integration with Adobe Journey Optimizar
  • Adobe Target UI
  • General Adobe Target topics 



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Jon Tehero is a Group Product Manager for Adobe Target. He’s overseen hundreds of new features within the Target platform and has played a key role in migrating functionality from Target's classic platforms into the new Adobe Target UI. Jon is currently focused on expanding the Target feature set to address an even broader set of use-cases. Prior to working on the Product Management team, Jon consulted for over sixty mid- to enterprise-sized customers, and was a subject matter expert within the Adobe Consulting group.


Curious about what an Adobe Target Community Q&A Coffee Break looks like? Be sure to check out the latest thread from our 12/8/21 Adobe Target Coffee Break with Senior Adobe Target Product Manage...@Robert_Calangiu and Technical Support Engineer, @gebae 


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Hello everyone, I am excited be here to connect with you and answer as many questions as I can!


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@Jon_Tehero Happy new year, and good to connect again!  I guess I will kick things off with an Target API question.  Are there plans to update the Target Reporting Performance API endpoint to allow breakdown by day vs. just aggregate data?  This is for non-A4T activities, of course.  



Hi Brian, great to have you here as always! We have no immediate plans to update the API as of today, but we would love to hear more about how it could help you and your clients so that we can consider it for the future.

Excellent, thanks, Jon.  This is related to MiaProva customers, and our team has come up with a workaround, but the ask is connected to two things:

- the daily breakdown that gets generated for each test when it is sent to the Knowledge Library

- our sample ratio mismatch calculations that we provide for customers





Our workaround is subtracting the data from the previous pull.  Not that big of a deal, but much easier to manage with A4T Activities and the Analytics endpoint.  


Thanks @Brian_Hawkins_MiaProva for sharing the example! I will take this back to the team and promote the use case.


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@Jon_Tehero ,

Regarding VEC, we’re having trouble getting it to work behind our login process/authenticated page. It’s my understanding that we leverage a combination of cookies and local storage to validate/authenticate the user. When we try to login via VEC we get stuck in a page loading loop that we can’t thoroughly investigate because we can’t see what is getting set/rejected.


Our primary question is what are the technical limitations of the VEC? I’m going to butcher this being non-technical but essentially can VEC replicate a browser where it accepts cookies or makes local storage available?


We’ve whitelisted all of the IPs but with browser restrictions and security getting tighter by the day we are trying to determine whether or not VEC is going to be a viable option going forward for ‘behind the authentication wall’ testing.



Hi @selvasj, I am sorry to hear that you are facing challenges. 


There were some recent changes to chrome that ignores cookies set by the page loaded inside the VEC iframe because the domain is different than the domain of the VEC itself (unless those cookies have the SameSite=None attribute). 


The way to address this is to use the VEC Helper Extension


If you run into other issues, I really like articles that are linked in this VEC troubleshooting overview: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/target/using/experiences/vec/troubleshoot-composer/troublesh... 


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Hi  @Jon_Tehero , Thanks for your response, Actually we have tried with chrome extension and troubleshooting steps in the doc you pointed, We are out off luck.


Anyways, We will try one more time, will update the outcome here



Hi @Jon_Tehero, thanks for joining us in the Target Community today! This question was posted by Adobe Target Community user, strrjms:


"Hello! I am trying to create a curated set of recommendations to be featured on a homepage. I thought i could achieve this by creating custom criteria and uploading products via CSV, but i am not having much luck....

Nothing shows up after creating custom criteria via CSV upload and placing a recommendations container on my homepage. I see it in preview, but not when using a QA link.

I don't think i totally understand how to use the Recommendation Key for a defined list of products. Can you explain that? I have 10 specific products i want to feature on my homepage - those 10 products were loaded via CSV, but to be honest, i wasn't clear on the # Key column.

Any suggestions?"



Hi @strrjms


I appreciate your question. We have a great article on basing recommendations on a recommendation key for custom criteria: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/target/using/recommendations/criteria/base-the-recommendatio...


In short, you can pass in basically any alpha-numeric key and then just make sure that that key is in the first row of the custom algorithm csv. I also like to add the key to the "excluded" list to make sure it never gets recommended. 


Regarding Recs QA: In order to preview results for Recently viewed or user based recommendations criteria, you will need to first browse the site outside of QA mode, then use the same session to open a QA mode link: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/target/using/recommendations/recommendations-activity/previe...


Thanks to @kaimotoyama for contributing to this response.


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So for example, if i was recommending 10 ice cream flavors, my key could literally be "ice cream"?
it doesn't actually matter what i define as my key?


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thanks! is there anything else i should know? i had no luck


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Can you tease out any potential Adobe Target announcements that might happen at Adobe Summit?!



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And if there is time, I have a couple of MiaProva customers that are interested in this:


  • Adobe Target Integration with Adobe Journey Optimizer 

The hope is that the integration is bi-directional and that Target can target specific journeys. Target can also feed AJO with data to put an Activity Converter down a new Journey. 



Hi @Jon_Tehero ! Thank you for joining us in the Target Community today! Here is a question posted by Adobe Target Community user, @rahult_raghunandanan :


"For newly created campaigns under a workspace, can we target Custom Audience by default  ( and not ALL VISITORS) - is it possible ?


Quick Background :

  • By default, the Adobe Target campaigns target "ALL VISITORS" audience when the campaign is newly created. 
  • ALL VISITORS would imply that Production Customers, QA/Internal Customers would all be targeted by default in our case - I believe this is the case with most of us. 
  • The developer should then manually reset the audience to target specific environments/audience before activating the campaign.
  • This has caused/is causing issues where-in newly created/half-cooked campaigns are being erroneously targeted for Production Audience. 



Is is possible to set a template / default audience for all the campaigns under a workspace to target a specific custom audience rather than ALL VISITORS ?

OR Any ideas to achieve this from the application code or any target configuration ? 

FYI - Ours is a web application. "



Hi @rahult_raghunandanan,


Thank you for your question. We don't have a way to default the audience (of a given workspace) to a specific audience. However, using our "host" and "environments" features, you are able to classify which domains or subdomains are associated with a given environment. Then when you launch an activity, traffic from pre-prod environments does not muddy the results of the test.


You can also use the "properties" feature to be very specific about where a user is able to push tests lives. When combining environments and properties, you have a lot of flexibility in how and where the practitioners can publish. 


I hope that helps!



Hi @Jon_Tehero and @kaimotoyama , thanks again for taking the time to answer Target Community user questions today! This question was posted by RudraChaudhari 


"Hi, I have set up target experience which have 4 experience and below are priority wise:
All visitor

Maharashtra visitor

Mumbai visitor

Delhi Users


Here I am allpicable for first 2 experiences but when I run this acitivity by using "Match audience rules to see experiences" under QA, it shows me Maharashtra visitors rather than All visitor. why?
any particular reason? also, My friend who is currently in Mumbai location also see Maharashtra visitor and nver see Mumbai visitors."



Hi @RudraChaudhari ,


Thank you for your question! For XT activities, Target evaluates experiences from a Top-Down order so first thing to double check is that the activity set up is correct. Additionally, other factors such as VPN or Apple iCloud Private Relay could cause Target to evaluate you from a different location. Accuracy of the specific region is another factor that could cause a user to be evaluated from a different location as described here [1]. In order to troubleshoot a bit further for your specific activity, it may be helpful to open a customer care ticket. Hope this helps! 


[1] https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/target/using/audiences/create-audiences/categories-audiences...