JWT Generated by Adobe is an invalid JWT

jharrington7897 07-08-2018

We have a service acct integration (I'm assuming correctly) set up in Adobe I/O.

Navigating the the "JWT" tab to generate a JWT token and curl request in order to exchange for an access token

The JWT Token created by Adobe for Adobe's tools is incorrect?:

{"error_description":"No valid bindings were found for organization and technical account combination","error":"invalid_token"}

my knowledge on JWT and Auth in general is pretty basic, so it's likely me screwing up- but I mean, this is out of the box functionality, it should work.

The documentation on this is awful, so I'm hoping someone could point me to what is going wrong?



Hi, Please check this forum thread where I have provided detailed steps to generate the JWT token. Adobe Target Admin API error code:403003, API key is invalid

If you still have issues please reach out to the Adobe IO team by submitting a support ticket. Here's the link .

Hope this helps.

jharrington7897 07-08-2018

Thanks for the reply!   Yeah I actually began with your post, which was very good btw.  Unfortunately it didn't seem to work.  I reached out to the IO team so I'll see what they say, and if I get a solution I'll post here for others to use