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[UPCOMING WEBINAR] Thursday, June 20th, 1pm - 2pm EST: GA4T ~ Elevating Optimization With Adobe Target and Google Analytics 4



GA4T ~ Elevating Optimization With Adobe Target and Google Analytics 4

In the world of optimization testing, Analytics for Target (A4T) was king, but now, it’s time for GA4T. Get ready to explore an exciting new integration between Adobe Target and Google Analytics 4 (GA4). MiaProva's new GA4T connector (powered by Adswerve) allows Adobe Target data to be consumed in GA4 and GA4 data to be brought into Adobe Target, uniting two powerful tools in your tech stack.

Join optimization expert Brian Hawkins as he delves into this groundbreaking integration. This session is essential for digital marketers, data analysts, and optimization professionals eager to enhance their testing capabilities and learn how this powerful combination can elevate your testing and optimization efforts.

You’ll discover:

  • How GA4T bridges the gap left by the sunset of Google Optimize. 
  • The benefits of integrating Adobe Target data into GA4 for comprehensive analysis.
  • Strategies to improve the performance of your testing and optimization programs.
  • Key features of MiaProva’s GA4T connector (including automated audience creation in GA4, real-time reporting, and alerting services).
  • Expert insights with Q&A

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your testing and optimization strategies with the new GA4T integration.

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Brian Hawkins (aka @Brian_Hawkins_MiaProva), Founder, Mia Prova
Brian Hawkins was an early member of Offermatica, which was acquired by Adobe and then by Adobe Test&Target, now part of the Adobe Target solution. Since 2006, Brian has been providing extensive client support as a Senior Solutions Consultant. During these years, he architected solutions across many platforms to drive tremendous value and opportunity for clients through optimization programs. From 2011 through 2023, Brian has served in an industry-renowned consulting role as the Sr. Partner at Analytics Demystified, working with hundreds of organizations to implement testing technologies and promote organizational best practices. Brian is the co-author of the book, Adobe Target: Classroom in a Book and has authored several widely read white papers about testing and optimization.



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@Amelia_Waliany @Brian_Hawkins_MiaProva - Hi, I've had registered for the event but unfortunately I've missed this webinar, do we have a recording of this event.? If so happy to go through it. As in my current project, I'm using GA4 and Adobe Target.


@Gokul_Agiwal - thank you so much for registering for the webinar.  Apologies that this took a few days to get back to you, but I am happy to share a link to the webinar here:  




If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.  We are also hosting a BigQuery and Adobe Target webinar on July 18th.  If you found our webinar on GA4 and Adobe Target with our GA4T connector helpful, you will LOVE what we put together for BigQuery and Adobe Target!