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AB test traffic is drastically lower than AA test traffic on the same page and same audience


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Our team has been noticing a pressing issue with Adobe Target lately. To monitor its integration and implementation, we are running AA test and everything looks fine - traffic, split ratio etc. However, when we look into traffic data for AB test, we fail to understand why Adobe Target AB tests tend to pull limited traffic than the actual traffic. This has become a top priority issue for us since we always run into low sample size, leading to lack of significance and failed outcome from these tests.


Any leads would be greatly appraciated!

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Hi @emmak109 


Seems this question somehow similar to the other question you've asked 

Audience selection for AA vs AB test - Adobe Experience League Community - 682459 


So based on the your scenarios - can you try few options like 

1) If the audiences for your AA and AB tests are not clearly defined and separated, there may be an overlap between the two, leading to users being diverted to the AA test instead of the AB tests, so review your Audience Definitions.

2) As mentioned in another post, Check your Prioritization for AB test and AA test .

3) Validate your technical implementation

4) If your AB test have very specific audience criteria like geographical / device type then eligible audience may smaller than overall site traffic so thoroughly examine your selection. 

Hope this pointers helps.