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Audience selection for AA vs AB test


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To monitor infrastructure settings, our team runs an AA test. This test is always live across web domain. Will this impact the audience selection for AB tests because we essentially run those AB tests on pages from the same web domain? Currently we have AA test set at priority 999 and AB tests with priority 0.

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Hi @emmak109 

Yes, running an live AA test on your web domain can potentially impact the audience selection for your AB tests, as both the AA and AB tests are being executed on the same web pages.


The reason for this is that the AA test, being set at a higher priority (999) than the AB tests (priority 0), will take precedence in serving the content to the users. This means that the audience exposed to the AA test will not be available for the AB tests, as they have already been served the content from the AA test.


To address this - Priorities your AB test over AA test (Change the priority), used the right audience for AB test ( exclude the audience who already came across AA test)  and monitor impact and do adjustments as per your test objectives. 


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Hi @emmak109 ,


Yes, I agree with @Gokul_Agiwal. A the both test cases are running on same web domain and AA has high priority.

In your case, AA activity has a higher priority, that content is displayed. So  change the priority as per your request and define the audiences accordingly.


If multiple activities share priority level, there are two tiebreakers:

  • If only one activity has audience targeting, that activity is displayed.
  • If all or none has targeting, then the activity that was approved first is displayed.