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Duplicate mboxes: consequences


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hi, I am hoping someone would be able to assist with in this situation.

We have an implementation where we integrated Adobe Target with Adobe AEM. That way the end user can do personalisation / targeting from either of UIs.

However as an result we end up having multiple mboxes firing for each experience on the page. I will illustrate:

  • at.js injected via DTM adds a global mbox to the page
  • when experiences are created within AEM UI using Targeting mode, each of the targeted components (or building blocks of the page) become "offer locations" and they then start to fire 2 duplicate local mboxes.
  • the mbox duplication takes place once per component. What it means is that no matter how many experiences (modifications of the same component) we create, it will still send 2 local mbox calls on page load
  • if there are multiple targeted components on a page, each will fire 2 local mboxes. Example: if we target 5 components, the page will send 1 global + 5x2 local = 11 total mboxes on page load


  • is it normal or abnormal behaviour to have duplication of local mboxes
  • what are the risks of having duplicate mboxes on the same location: functional, technical if any? (eg experience serving etc)
  • does it impact data collection (custom params, profiel scriots)
  • does it impact goals/metrics in reporting
  • does it impact billable target calls (page loads)
  • any other considerations

if anyone could provide clarity on that topic., that would be much appreciated

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Jason Hickey​, could you please have a look at this situation with multiple subsequent mbox calls?

This has a negative impact on the UX as the targeted content block disappears and appears multiple times (every mbox call hides and then shows the content).

We would highly appreciate if you could share your advice. 


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Hi Marina,

As far as my understanding when experience s are created in the AEM UI it is usual and has no consequences as far as they have different loading time,event call back and different workflow process.


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We are facing the same problem. marina.bear​: Did you figure out a solution yet? Having 2 calls is not problematic, but for each mbox call, we are triggering an analytics event to capture some extra data with the mbox call loading. This is causing to many analytics calls being fired.